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We tear our skin off so that our souls are bare and when they touch it feels electric. I feel the pulse of my heart and I wonder if you feel it too; I swear it takes up the whole room.

Your hands are on me and I try my damnedest not to think of him. My eyes fight to stay locked onto yours so I don’t lose myself in dreams of the past I can’t seem to shake off. I don’t think you see it that way.

You tell me things so sweet it make my eyes water and I try so hard not to hear his voice. I know I can’t say them back. I know you know it, too.


I haven’t been able to understand why you accept so little.


We dance like lovers do and I breathe you in to the best of my ability. In, out. In a little deeper. Hold. Exhale. I pray this silent wish is granted.

Side by side we lay, our limbs intertwined and mixed like they were meant to be that way. We look like an art piece and I think it looks a little sad. I wonder if you see it, too. But I don’t ask.

I could never pry my lips open wide enough to make anything in my mind a reality. I ignore the beat of my heart and try to get lost in yours.

I sink into you and I’m so glad you pull me closer. I empty my lungs in a desperate attempt to let myself be pulled so far in I melt into your skin, into your bones, into your life. I want to let you breathe for me because I can only seem to find toxicity every time I open my mouth.

When your eyes close and your breathing evens out, I whisper my love for you until my throat runs dry. Maybe if I say it enough it’ll find it’s way into reality. Maybe if I wish hard enough, it’ll come true.


I love you I love you I love you.


Breaking & Wishing

I feel my breath held hostage in my chest
Ever rapidly gathering and growing
And I think my ribs might split
Trying to make room for the expanding
Even though I’ll be fully ripped apart,
Isn’t the relief of it enough to make it okay?

And I’m sucking in more air because
It’s still hard to breath and somehow –
I can’t get enough even though –
There’s too much, there’s just too much

So I wonder if I’ll split directly in half
Or if multiple parts will break off instead
One by one or in clustered fragments that seem to fall away

I’m still unsure, though, if breaking into parts
Will make me feel as whole as I so crave to be
Maybe this is a lost cause to wish for;
Wishing never did anything for me anyway