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Something Simple


All I can think about is watching the sunset with a glass of something sweet.

Then we slow dance our way inside where you let me read your palms and you attempt to read mine. The florescent light from the kitchen bathes us in yellow and we slow dance in our bare feet on the cool tile.

The forever-present weight on my chest finally doesn’t feel so threatening and I can breathe right now with you. Tomorrow can dance before my eyes and I can sigh with a soft comfort in the safety of your arms.

Somehow we make it up the stairs and fall into old dreams still lingering in our sheets. Our fingers intertwine and we lose sense of who is who and all I know is I’m complete.

All I can think about is our love.



Kiss me with your sad lips

And try not to think

Forget when you touch my skin

And run your hands and trace pictures on me

Leave your terrorizing thoughts in my eyes

And close yours before they jump back

Let my arms carry the burden of your drowning soul

Sink your body into mine and let me take the rest

Let me be your anchor, let me be your sky

I can be the stars and the grass

And the wind and the stillness

To calm your aching temperaments

So kiss me with your sad lips

And try not to think