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The Light Flickers

Don’t forget to tell me good-bye when the time’s right. Don’t forget to hold the door open and watch me leave. Don’t forget to keep that smile on your face and, please, don’t forget to dream about me every night after.

When the next one whispers how much they love you when they think you’re sleeping, don’t forget to hold your breath and pray they don’t know you’re awake. Don’t forget to distance yourself and stop answering the phone. Don’t forget what those words sounded like when they came from my lips.

Down the road when you hold the-one in your arms and look at their sleeping face, don’t forget to picture mine. Don’t forget the feeling in your arms as they ache to hold me instead.

When things stop working and they leave you, don’t forget about the way you left me. Don’t forget the sway of my hips, or my tensed jaw.

Don’t forget me.

Don’t forget.


Light & Dark

When the light first shines through you’re window, I hope you think of me then. Someone new and bright. Someone who could make you smile and who could make you feel warm. Someone who could keep the cold away for even the tiniest fraction of time.

But when the memory of me fades throughout the day, don’t feel bad about it. Keep that smile that formed in the first breaths of light without needing to remember why. But when the light disappears and you’re alone in the dark, think of me then, too.

Remember me as someone real, who ran deep with scars and imperfections. Remember me as someone who wasn’t afraid to feel, but who was terrified of it. And remember me as someone who made you feel needed, as someone who made you feel necessary.

And when you shut your eyes to finally sleep, remember there’s a reason you’re still waking up. Remember that you have been, are, and will be important.