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Amidst the Wreckage


We drag our feet through the dirt
dust in the air,
in our lungs

We call this the wreckage
of our pasts,
of our hearts

I see you through the daze
in the dark,
through the hurt

Our hands meet in the middle
and we can finally rest,
breathe out the exhaustion

You can have my red thread
if I can have yours,
and all I ask of you

is be the one to stay
just stay


Fake it ’til you make it.

We break and
We fold and
We change
Everything we ever were
For the chance to
Be believed in, to
Be found, to
Be loved
And it hurts
But we smile and
We laugh and
We say,
“I’m okay,”
Because the truth hurts and
Fake it ‘til you make it,
But all I want to know is:
Will I ever make it?


He whispers in my ears the most beautiful things; but I know as soon as we part, I am out of sight, out of mind.

I can feel him graze my face with a gentle hand and even at the lightest kiss I wonder how many others he gives butterflies to.

He tells me what this is when he whispers love in my mouth and my hands are gripping his back. He tells me “I love you” but only for right now.

Words like a gentleman that keeps me holding on for the proof I could stay with.

But the proof never comes no matter how long I linger – I wonder, is he just as curious as I to know how long I will stay?


Staring at yourself for hours trying

To find something to tell you you’re beautiful

And worthy and something just a little special

But those blue eyes are so filled with hopelessness

That it scares you to look any longer

Still you look at the way your eyes curve

The pinkness of your lips and the smooth parts

Of your skin that you can see from the mirror

Just because you feel hopeless doesn’t mean it’s not hidden

Even if it’s just somewhere deep down

And it’s not that I need someone to make me feel

Beautiful – that’s not it at all

Just sometimes I need a new pair of eyes

Because mine get tired from the same reflection

That never seems to bring good news

And the angle of my jaw, even the length of my neck

Doesn’t make me feel anything close to beautiful


I peel back the layers from my soul

To the most sensitive, fragile part of me

And I’ll pass it gently over to you

When you feel it shaking in your hands

I hope you don’t think less of me

I hope the scars and bruises don’t scare you off

Never have I been willing to give myself over

Nor have I been soft enough to trust so completely

Hardly any doubts enter my mind

And hardly any disbelief, for that matter

So when you feel my pulse in your hands,

When you feel the speed of it hammering away,

Know that I am praying and hoping and wishing

That you stay and understand what it is that you hold

Know that this is what you mean to me


She cradled her head in her hands and wondered when life became so hard. Behind closed eyes she could remember a world with brighter colors, fresher air, and no worries that made her skin turn gray nor her hair white.

When she breathes there’s a weight on her chest that she realizes is now familiar, though she knows it hadn’t always been there. And when she lays there waiting for a river to flow from her eyes that will never start, she feels like a desolate dessert with nothing comforting inside.

But she hasn’t given up; she still gets up.

My Heart

The air’s sweet and warm

The grass has never been softer

Light shines down with gentleness

And the wind has a song in it

Colors are bright and dazzling

Sounds are crisp and pure

This is my hope

This is love