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Her front yard was always scattered with blossoms from the neighbors tree. They often offered to rake them up for her, but she always declined. It was like seeing a sea of white and pink, she told me. It was like being in a dream.

Her eyes were always lidded and I think that was her way of living in a half-dream state. The real world was never really her friend. I’m not sure if I really ever was, either.

I remember driving up to the vast white yard, her front door wide open. I found her sleeping in the filed of blossoms; she had been laid out like an angel. I got her back inside but she never seemed to wake up. She was half-asleep. Like always.

It was surprise, of course, but somehow not very surprising at all. She looked just like she always did, like a sleeping angel on the ground, surrounded by her white flower petals. I could feel my chest constrict when I saw her as though I knew before I even touched her. Before I saw the blue tint to her lips, or how her skin was pale, so pale.

The tears took a while to come. So did any emotion, really.

The ambulance was silent when it rolled to a stop. The whole day was like a silent film. I wanted to change the channel but I couldn’t. I stayed seated by the snow angel of blossoms when people entered and exited the house.

They said they had found an empty pill bottle.

I just wish she would wake up. I’ve always been waiting for her to wake up.

Wake up, I pleaded in my head.

Please, wake up.




I used to dream of bright shining stars and meteors.

I used to dream of cars rushing dozens of feet below me while I watched perched, albeit unsteadily, atop of some structure.

Now I dream of nothing and it’s bleak and I don’t feel my heart race at the thought of anything.

I had never thought I was an adrenaline junkie, but something enough to make me feel so real and so human, full of weakness and so full of mortality was enough to give my skin goose bumps and my heart to race in my chest – and I think I miss it.

Lately my life feels like a dream and I haven’t been walking on the solid ground. I haven’t felt the earth beneath me and I haven’t felt how big the sky above me is. I have lost touch with the bigger picture and I don’t know how to open my eyes again.

Stuck in this city full of people and I miss the reality of life that I seem to have mixed up with the false daydreams in the magazines, in the news, on the television.

I’ve forgotten how real feels.

And I miss it.


Step one, step two, step three

And I’m losing my footing

Slipping over the dreams that fall to the floor

From my head, from my closed eyelids

I fall into a puddle that doesn’t seem to end

Like Alice into her rabbit hole

But I can’t breathe and my lungs are burning

And there is no escape but to let go

So I do and I drown but there’s a warm light

My cells vibrate into and I’m gasping for air

Because – it was just another dream

Making Up Dreams

I dreamt the world was burning

And you were nowhere to be found

Only chaos and destruction and turmoil

To be found at every corner, in every crevice

Everyone knew time was ticking down

But no one knew to exactly when

And you were nowhere to be found

Even when I drove for miles

And stayed up for hours just going on hope

Because everything was coming to an end

And all I could think about was you

But you were nowhere to be found


She counts the clouds as they pass by

Her eyes

Remembering the far-away simple times

With daydreams of faeries and dragons

And even the knights

When the stars come out she counts them, too


She closes her eyes and makes wishes and prayers

For the same far-away simple times

Where there was no hurt or loneliness or anger

Only adventures in the great-wide somewhere

And tonight when she closes her eyes to dream

She’s hoping for more of those lovely adventures

For just a brief escape


You said you couldn’t dream anymore

And that’s why you read what you do

And view the art that you do

To leave beauty imprinted in your mind

To leave dazzling thoughts that your dreams once left behind

So when I dream you want to know all about them

You want to know the world my mind creates

And remember what yours did

But I lie and tell you made up stories and fanciful things

To take the place of my corrupt dreams

Where the shadows are too dark and stretch too long

And voices can’t be heard and there’s only static in the air

When I push them to the back of my mind and tell you stories instead

I do it for your owns good, for your own beautiful, lovely dreams you once had




I fell under the blankets

The soft padding there to catch me

I made a safe haven

From cloth and lingering dreams

That sweetness

The only thing able to save me

From reality