Devils Water

somewhere in the loneliness,
in the cold dark some place
I thought I found a gem,
and she was priceless –
but also tricked

under my skin in her
wondering ways
I found it hard to talk,
I found it hard to breathe

crow feathered hair
and devil red lips
she touched me like smoke
but burned me the same

there was a passion I saw
hidden under her gaze
and I was too far gone
to realize I was lost,
no compass in sight

I once thought myself a man
but when she touched me
I knew I had been wrong;
I was only ever a boy

she taught me things
I should’ve known
and drove herself into me
like a red roses thorn

like an idea she left
without any sign
I could still feel her under my fingers,
I could feel her under my skin

like cigarette smoke
she came and she left
with only the yellowing of the walls
and the sin in my cells
to tell me she was real


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