Prompt: Gift Wrap



It was getting ridiculous.

There was a looming, mountainous tower of different colors, textures, and patterns. Not to mention the tape; oh, God, not the tape!

Her face was darkened rose with frustration, eyebrows furrowed in concentration and her breath was quickened. She didn’t have her mothers nimble fingers, nor her fathers careless negligence. Nothing was coming out the way she wanted, and so much wasted paper.

At least she thought to purchase an abundance of rolls. Now she was just hoping she wouldn’t need more. She couldn’t need more. There were so many! As she looked at the heap, though, she wasn’t quite sure. Maybe she had overestimated herself. There were at least five empty rolls, three close to their end, and two – maybe three if there was another in her closet – that still had their full lives left.

She glanced at the small pile of gifts already wrapped and tried to convince herself that she had done well wrapping them. Upon closer inspection she would wince at the obnoxious amount of tape and bunched up corners. It was a shame that she couldn’t help but tear up the paper when she got too excited or exasperated – or that she was very poor at measuring how much she would need. She fell short more often than not, which made up quite a bit of that ever swelling mass of gift wrap.

With just the right amount of determination and uncompromising will, not to mention the few glasses (maybe bottles?) of wine, she was down nine rolls of glittering, pretty paper, and almost to the end of the tenth.

The humble stack of presents weren’t the most handsome, but she grinned prideful, buzzed satisfaction and leaned back. It may have taken most of the night, and she would get hardly any sleep before having to somehow get herself out of bed and make her way over, but at least this year she wouldn’t need to resort to using gifts bags that she was always teased for.

The tape in her hair would always come out, right?

She went to bed gleefully, putting away that worry for the morning. Her last glance at the pile made her heart leap and she couldn’t wait for them to be torn apart an opened.

It was almost better than receiving.



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