How are you?

I’m a little frenzied.

I can feel the edges of me rotating and clashing, trying to find their right fit.

I’m a little tired, a little afraid to dive into myself again because I don’t want to get scared of myself. I don’t want to feel the sadness I’m used to because this new found love of myself is growing and it’s new and exciting and I could picture loving me.

I’m excited to love again. I’m excited for the flame and the fireworks. I’m excited for the lust and the softness and the warmth. I’m excited for rolled eyes and laughter and even the leave me alone for, like, five minutes. Jesus.

And I’m excited to be me, for once. I’m excited about these things I just found out about me, some I need to fix, some I need to explore. I’m excited to count my pennies because I’m a little tight on cash because I’m finally on my own and oh my God it’s a wild ride.

I’m caught in the wind and trying to enjoy the ride.

Just enjoy it.

Just be happy.

For once.



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