We Change

Suddenly – it’s always suddenly – something shifted. I was looking at you, but I wasn’t at the same time. It’s like I could see your face, but not who you were. Not anymore.

My mouth closed, no more words being screamed. My eyes dried, no more tears to gush out. My heart paused, almost surprised at the sudden tiredness of it all. The exhaustion set in.

I think you could feel the air around us change. I could see the twitch in your brow, I could see – something – change in your eyes. Then you looked almost worried. Is that it? The way your mouth turned, and your chin, and your eyes…

I could see your mouth move. Come back.

But I didn’t say anything back. Just silence.

Don’t leave me.

But I did.

Because I didn’t know you anymore, and I didn’t know me.


I didn’t even say good-bye.


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