One to Many

You’re a survivor, and I swear I don’t think I could love you more.

So let’s pretend – just for the moment – that you could bend down enough to breathe into my neck and hold me like I’m a precious glass vase that holds your most favorite flowers.

I know your hands were meant to hold the world and mine were meant to keep me from falling. Every breath I breathe and moment my heart beats is just another thing in the millions that you don’t care to separate.

While you’re searching for more, because you could never settle, you are the dream I long for. You’re the electricity in my house and without you I am haunted.

The only thing I ask, pleading quietly, is that you don’t forget me. Let me be one of the memories you keep for nostalgia and times when you can gaze back at all your life has seen.

You are my whole heart while I was just one of the many beats of yours.


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