Burn Me Up

My skin has grown cold from too long a time

Without your touch

You made me into a flammable substance that you loved

To ignite and set aflame

Maybe I was a danger, but to whom I’m not too sure;

I loved you more because of it

And I loved me more, too


Though passion was never easy for me to contain

And I was never one for it, anyway

You made my skin drip with red fire

I think I was going to burn us, both


I used to love the cold, you know, I used to crave it

A soothing cool on my skin

Leaving a thin layer of ice to keep me protected

It makes me sick to think you melted it,

It makes me feel like I was weak


Fire was never something I wanted to hold

But hold you I did

And the warmth felt good on my lips, on my fingers,

It felt good on my soul


Now the cold leaves me shivering, clamoring for more

Of your now familiar heat

And now I’m not sure how to tell you what it means

When I say I’m freezing when you’re gone


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