She blows out a breath of smoke after handing him the thin, closed envelope. A smile is allowed to grace her face for just a moment when he grins at her in excitement for it.

“Just in time for the wedding,” he says, “thank you.”

He only gets a nod in response and she turns around with one hand in her pocket and the other brings her cigarette up to her lips.

Maybe he can’t see it but her heart’s breaking and later she’ll take the battery out of her phone and only use her work email to send her manager the writing she still needs to get done. She had spent too much time trying to think of something for the couple. In the end she gave up, said ‘to hell with it’ and wrote down her heart.

When he gets into his car, his excitement is too much for him to take so he whispers his apologies to his bride-to-be for reading it without her, and slides his fingers under the glue to open it.

“My heart beats and it shakes
And it loves and it breaks
For you and only you

When you stand and face her at the alter
Know my heart will again be breaking

For I still feel you in my dreams
And you are the reason for my smile
And now the reason for my tears

I love you”

Scrawled beneath is her messy hand writing telling him to “please don’t respond.”
He crumbles the envelope and buries his face in his hands with the paper the passenger in the car. After he composes himself, he tucks the paper safely in the side of his door and finally tells his almost-wife that she had too much work to do and was unable to get out anything she wouldn’t get paid for.

All night he sends calls and texts and all night she types up all of the writing she was hired to do, smoke blowing out of her mouth and she tries to ignore the breaking in her chest.


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