All or Nothing

All I had wanted was someone to be gentle with me

Make me feel worthwhile, and lovely

And… And I had that

I had you and all of your laughter

All of your smiles and soft glances

Those quiet kisses and lingering touches

But it is always that you don’t know what you have

Until it’s all gone

Even then I had wanted more

I wanted more of your time and

More of your thought space

I wanted more of your skin and more of your eyes

I wanted more of the beauty in your mind

I had just what I had wanted but I still wanted more

And I guess this world is all or nothing because

I gave it all up

You can’t demand what someone cannot give

If they want to they struggle and always end up loosing

And you could never win anyway

Why can’t we just be happy with what we have?

Because now I have nothing


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