Blackout Shades

Suddenly your words don’t glitter like they used to
Nothing’s changed, they just lost their shine
And you still saw them like crystals, like stars
Until opinions reached your ears and clouded your judgment
But who told you your own thoughts don’t matter?

Your fingers try to make something like the suns’ rays
But the clouds above your head dull them out
There’s only a glimmer of light, but no shine
And what’s the point if you can’t see your reflection?

It’s okay that you’ve kind of given up
Maybe they judge you, but they’d judge you no matter what
So how does the disappointment taste on your tongue?
Do your fingers itch to make something for themselves,
Even though you refuse to try to make something from nothing?
Is there something that tells you can make light again?

Not everyone can tell the real from fake –
It doesn’t matter when they see plastic if you see diamonds


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