Possibilities of One Night

Black hair and eyes to match. Her skin glowed in the pale light and so did her sharp grin. She pushed her feathery hair over her face, one eye still uncovered and then it slipped back like a black, velvet curtain opening for a show. She did this repeatedly – amused at the way I was blatantly staring. I couldn’t help it, especially because I knew she liked it.

She bit down on an olive from her clear drink, still grinning and doing an incredible job of ignoring the guy next to her. He was trying pretty hard, too. The black dress she was wearing clung to her like a second skin but her stare was too intense for me to ignore, even to let my eyes wander to other parts of her.

Even with my eyes on hers I could still see the way she shifted in her seat, the way her pale legs moved in sync. I could tell she was more and more interested that I wouldn’t drop my eyes from her gaze and somewhere further down.

The man who had been trying to get her attention had dejectedly left but a new one took his place on the other side of her. I could tell he was trying to talk to her but I could also tell that she wasn’t hearing a word. Then his hand came lazily out and touched her curve, his hand slipped further down and in just a moments reaction, her own hand came up, grabbed a fist full of hair, and slammed his head onto the bar. Her eyebrow was quirked in annoyance and the bartender started to speak, but she hopped down from the stool and then he was left speechless, his eyes glues to her ass.

Still her eyes held mirth and my heartbeat began racing as she made her way to me. I didn’t let my face betray me, nor my tongue to slip out to wet my suddenly dry lips. She fluttered her eyelashes at me and made another black curtain with her hair. When her face emerged she was all grins and when she slipped her fingers into my hand, it felt familiar. I left my drink and she left two men, one clutching his nose and the other staring longingly – lustfully – after her.

Her hand felt cool in mine and I was still staring at her. I didn’t even care where we were going. Her lips seemed to hold a silent laugh but she didn’t bother with words, either. Her hand briefly left mine when we came to a narrow stairwell and then I was following her up. Her hips swayed teasingly  and when I looked up from her long legs, her hips, her bare back, she was grinning at me again, this time a breathily laugh to accompany it.

She unlocked her door and I stepped inside. The door closed and she had me pressed against the adjacent wall, her lips sucking on mine. While my hands slid to her waist, I couldn’t help but wonder if she could feel my heart pounding in my chest. I couldn’t help but wonder if hers was pounding as hard.

My hand found its way up her dress and her tongue slid into my mouth. Without knowing how she did it, my buttoned shirt was somehow in her hands, and then flung haphazardly on the floor. The belt was next, along with her dress. Our breaths mingled shallowly together and her eyes were again locked to mine. Her grin was as wide as ever as she backed up slowly, her hands on mine on her. Just a minute later we were in a tangle of limbs and sheets with her laughter filling up the small room.

We pulled one another as close as we could get but even in the darkness of the room and the heat clouding our minds, I let my lips touch the shell of her ear.

“If you kiss me again, I’ll stay longer than tonight.”

A flash of sincere surprise crossed over her before a smaller grin was again on her pretty face. One of her thin fingers traced my bottom lip and she seemed to search for something in my eyes. Once it seemed she had found it, her grin momentarily grew and her lips, again, were attached to mine.


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