The Stars

The fox tried to fetch for her

Beautiful things for her to wonder at

But every metal and jewel

She ignored

Her eyes were glued to the midnight’s sky

At all of the glittering lights

He found for her more gems and pearls

But nothing could compare.

He searched and search

From dusk ‘til dawn

And stayed away for days

There was nothing that could compare

He realized

And so he needed to catch for her a star

While the beautiful things

Could not make her happy, she sighed

And stared at the sky.

They were so beautiful,

She thought to herself,

Unaware of the jewels at her feet

The fox tried as hard as he could

To get for her a star

That’s how he spent every night,

Exhausted every day.

So much time had then gone by

When he realized it was impossible –

He could not jump so high

Nor could he find anything tall enough to climb –

The  fox returns with his head hung low,

His fur grey with moonlight

And he tells her of his defeat

She turns and cannot breathe

For she has never seen anything so beautiful;

His fur held the shine of the moon

And the fox was much more beautiful than the stars.


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