Bitch & Moan, Bitch & Moan

This sucks

I keep telling myself just a few more months

Then I can plant some roots in the ground

And make up my mind with what I want

I repeat that over and over and over

But it fucking sucks and it’s hard anyway.

And it’s been a few months since I’ve had a real hug

One of those that make you just feel so secure

And I could use a damn hug.

And I could use homemade cookies

And a card that just says, “I’m thinking about you,”

From someone who fucking still cares.

And it’s hard to be in a place so humid

It feels like a towel’s been placed over your face

And it fucking sucks

To be so cautious of friendships because they’re temporary

And mostly not even real.

It’s not fun when you wake up three to 10 times a night

Because you’re hot or uncomfortable or your limbs hurt

Or just because of the stress.

I told myself I wouldn’t complain because it’s not worth it

But at the end of my day I’m just so done

And I want to scream and cry it all out because

There is just no other way to get it out

So I’ll complain just like everybody else

Because I can’t fucking take it anymore.

And this sucks.


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