The Voice

There are voices that get stuck in my head
Like a virus
Or a disease.
It’s usually always quiet
Kind of like a white static in the back of my mind
Always scratching lightly there
So slight I can ignore it
But it’s behind every smile
Every laugh, every – single – eye roll.
And there are times when it’s not so quiet
Not so easily ignored
Those times it’s SCREAMING
In my ears and pounding at my skull as if to break it
And overwhelm my brain
And I get told to ignore it
That that voice is wrong
And it doesn’t know what’s it’s screaming at me
But how can you ignore that when it’s there everyday
When it’s a part of your brain?
And when it’s screaming, how can you ignore it?
It demands attention, demands it –
And how can you ignore a siren?


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