Since You’ve Been Gone

I’m shivering to the bones because you’re warmth has left me. Don’t you know even the summers freeze over? Don’t you know it snows in July?

My breath has left me since you left my side. I’ll be gasping for air until you return. And my face will remain blue until you’re next to me again.

And maybe I think about myself too much, but did you know it’s only because I’m afraid you don’t think of me? Did you know that, if you have to haunt my dreams, I want to be the ghost in yours, too?

Since when was this one-sided? Since when did you decide not to love me back? It feels like a part of me is missing. I’m not whole unless I’m with you.

I try to wrack my brain to figure out what changed. Thinking so hard to figure out what I did wrong. It gives me headaches because I never changed. I don’t understand what changed for you, because nothing ever changed for me.

This promise you left on my heart, scarred over since you broke it. I toss and turn at night because you’re scent is in the air. A permanent print in the space I live that’s driving my senses wild. I feel you everywhere, but I’ve never felt so alone.

My fingers work just fine, and so do my legs. Life, though dulled, still pulses under my skin. A shade of myself since you were a side of me but here I am, still remaining; the side that you left behind.


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