cut – end scene

It’s pouring outside and thundering so loud and the lightening is lighting up the dark sky. I hear it over the sound of Blue October playing in my room and the mix sounds like it was meant.

A feeling of familiarity starts to hover over me and I feel okay. It’s been a while. But even though I feel at ease I know that something’s missing and even though I feel almost content, all I want is for you to be next to me. I want to see your dark eyes and you’re shining smile that you like so much to hide.

Again, flashes of that last embrace of meeting and the sting of my arm as it rubs against your shirt so hard. I remember your arms tight around me, too and why is it that I never felt like we could be close enough? Just wanting to touch you so I knew you were real, and actually there in the same room, next to me.

I picture your square teeth and that lisp you almost grew out of. Your coughing laugh. Why is it you’ve found solace in my mind when I can’t see you? Why is it you’re in the air around me and it will be over a year until we can be in the same room again?


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