I’m Alive.

It’s being able to open your eyes every day. It’s being able to breathe and feel your heart pumping in your chest, just a few inches away from the outside world.

Every blink could be the last time my eyes open. And every breath could be my last. To look down at your wrists, at your arms and see those blue veins that are everywhere hidden in you and know how fragile they are. To realize that death could be just one mistake away.

But then, after realizing how close Death might be, how he could be strolling through the same street as you and your shoulders might have even brushed –  you’re still here.

Just a skeleton with bones that are so easily broken being the only thing you have as protection from the harsh outside world.

So flimsy life is and how vulnerable we are as humans. Every single breath is amazing and a miracle the same. And we’re still breathing. We’re still holding onto that privilege of waking up for another day and being able to have every second that flickers by, every single moment our blood continues to rush and our hearts continue to beat and work endlessly.


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