This is me waking up to my twentieth birthday.

This is me saying goodbye to a year

And saying hello to another

Another birthday away from home –

Miles and miles and miles away from home –

I’m greeting more change and the shifting of places

Staring at Time in the face and saying, “Here I am

Age me still, keep me here; I’m not ready to go”

I spent all of nineteen in the military

All of nineteen growing up, and being away from home

Being away from the familiar

But making a new kind of familiar

So while another years passes and I’m gone

It’s starting to be familiar

A few cards in the mail, a few phone calls

And this is me at twenty.

Making payment on my car

And insurance, and internet, and gasoline

But more than all of that, this is me alive

For at least one more age

And that’s more I can say for so many others


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