Sugar Coated

I want you to know

That I’m sorry there’s a black cloud over my head

That there’s a hurricane swirling inside every cell

That I seem to be two-faced with how I act

And I want you to know

I can’t help who I am

And, didn’t I warn you how cold I could be?

I wasn’t lying and I hope you don’t try to cover me

With powder-white sugar

Because I’m not candy-coated

I’m an acquired taste, much like bitter wine

I may seem light to you

But a few sips too many and you’ll be teetering on the edge

Staring down with just a slip and you’ll fall

Trust me; I’ve seen it happen before

I’m not promising it’ll get easier, because it won’t

I’m not saying I’ll change, because I won’t

I’m not even saying I’ll stop being so freezing –

But I am saying that it’ll have its pauses

And no matter what the future holds –

Together or apart we may be –

Right now I hope you’ll see me as I am

And I hope to God you won’t sugar-coat me


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