Just Driving.


We used to drive in my car

You remember that, don’t you?

With the windows rolled down

And music blaring

As we raced down the highway

We talked about our lives and our feelings

And even some of our thoughts

I remember thinking you were always hiding something

Covering up something

Keeping certain things small

Do you remember me down playing things?

Do you remember me brushing things off?

Even though you suspected they hit me

Somewhere deep down

Like thoughts were wild fire and my being was hay?

I was so tired of being poison, so I changed

I kept those dangerous words to myself

Even when we talked about those dangerous things

And now when you drive around

With the windows rolled down

And the music blaring,

Do you think of those times?

Do you remember those long talks

And the laughter and silences between?

When I drive around with my windows rolled down

My own music blaring, I wonder;

Do you even miss me at all?


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