Don’t bother.

Don’t mind me when I’ve stopped eating

It’s only from missing you so much

I hope you don’t mind that I’ve picked up smoking

It’s only to keep from worrying over where you are

What you’ve been doing, if you’ve thought of me –

It’s to keep me from thinking, really

It’s okay that I haven’t gotten any sleep

How can I when you’re not lying next to me?

When my eyes refuse to close at night and I’m left thinking

I wonder if you miss me, too, if you think of me at all

But then I remember that I chased you away

And there I go again, gripping the bowl

Trying to purge the bitterness of regret

Knowing you’re probably happier without me

And I wasn’t enough to make you stay

But that’s fine; I want you to be happy

But how can I live when my heart belongs to you

And you’re gone?


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