Just Tonight

Don’t tell me what went wrong

Don’t tell me it’s all right

Just hold me in your arms

If only just for tonight


I don’t want to hear the facts

And no, I don’t want your views

Just kiss me like you need me

Like that’s what you want, too


I know what the morning sun will bring

I know that I will hate it

But please don’t leave me alone just yet

Right now I couldn’t bear it


Let this memory be planted in my mind

Let it dig its roots down deep

Because in the morning when you’re gone

It’ll be all I have left to keep


When you hold me this last time

Try not to be too stiff

And please, if it’s only this last time

Just give me one more kiss


I know you need to leave

Trust me, I get it

So don’t try to catch my tears

I really couldn’t take it


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