House of Memories



The air’s too still

It’s a little too warm

My skin feels tight

I’m all around uncomfortable


There used to be life

That decorated these halls

Movement was constant

Even if it was only

The rise and fall of ribcages


Now only memories linger here

Ghosts of past lives

And only those who really know

Can still remember and see it


Once upon a time

I remember scenes,

Laughter and smiles

And yelling and crying


That makes a person human


But all of that is gone now

And while I see silhouettes of

Love echoing throughout the halls

And invisible marks on every wall

There is no belonging that chimes

With each step I take


When the door closes

For the very last time

I feel the memories pulse

For one more time in the palm

Of my hand, and there is no more

Love or laughter, or smiles or crying

There are only memories and old regrets


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