So Suddenly

The words that were spoken left me shaken to my bones. My heart was still before it hammered away and somehow I had lost my breath. The wind was knocked from my lungs and I couldn’t even gasp.

But I stayed cool, like I wasn’t drowning in an invisible ocean surrounding me. I even managed a smile and a broken laugh that I prayed no one noticed. And no one did.

Laughter rung in the air, a little awkward, a little off, but it was forgotten. There was no heartbreak. There was no misunderstanding. There was no important thing that broke inside of me. Everything was fine and I was normal.

Then the color left me. I only saw black and white and everything was a little blurred. The faces that were around me were a little crooked and I couldn’t hear what they were saying.  Suddenly, so suddenly, they were unfamiliar monsters and I was alone and I couldn’t think.

Suddenly, in a room so full, I was completely alone.


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