I miss the way the wind used to feel warm on my face

Instead of this horrid coolness that cuts through the skin

I miss how bright the sky used to be, with all of its different hues

Instead I have to stare through a kind of haze to see anything

Even the face in front of me passing by


I miss a window so huge and clear it was like being outside

And how I could stare out of it from my bedroom any time I wanted

I miss the pitter-patter of nails against the floor from a friend

The best kind of friend who misses me as soon as I turn the corner

Instead of forgetting me the very second I’m gone


I miss feeling comforted just by the sounds and the smells of home

Instead of feeling ultimately alone inside of bare walls and nothing familiar

I miss the plush carpet underneath my feet and the soft pillows everywhere

Ready to cradle the most tired head or catch tears of the most tired heart

Instead of everything cold and uncomforting around me


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