Moving On

The dirt shifted under my feet and, though I didn’t look to make sure, they left footprints behind me. All of this ground in front of me never coming closer and always changing, set my compass swirling.

It didn’t take long before my breathing was hitched and suddenly there were more footprints behind me and there was a new wind in my hair. I could feel a flame ignite inside of me and my heart was pumping just as fast as my legs seemed to be moving.

Further and further into a world I had barely yet to explore and I couldn’t stop. My muscles started to burn and my heart felt like it was pumping acid, but I raced my shadow anyway.

I was leaving everything I knew behind me and I refused to look back. I only saw what was ahead of me and it could not get any closer. I laughed into the air with the breath I had used up and finally I was free.


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