The you-and-I kind

It’s the way your skin grazed mine

As if for the first time

How your lips ghosted over my face

And then every inch of me

Your hand in mine, perfectly fitted

Like we were made that way

The clock ticking on the wall

Was another second together

And that made time okay

It’s the way you look in my eyes every day

And always find a reason to smile

We talk for hours and hours

Yet silence even feels full

Because it’s you and I


It’s this heart pounding in my chest

Just from the way you look at me

The butterflies that swarm in my stomach

Never resting or stopping when you’re near

The comfort I get from your arms

And your smile and your kiss and your being

It’s the way we talk in whispers at night

Even though we’re the only ones around

How even though the darkness looms

It feels safer when you’re there

It’s the way you talk without a care

And yet you’re not careless

How you laugh at nothing and everything with me

It’s even how we fight with fists curled so tight

And I still want to kiss you right then and there


It’s the way you leave me alone

But how you’re never really gone

How your sent fills the air I breathe

And your clothes are in the closet

It’s the way your keys reside next to mine

Just like our chairs

It’s the way you keep coming back to me

And how I can’t stay away from you

It’s more than anything I could conjure up

Dream up, wish up

It’s how my heart seems to beat for you

And when my hand is on your chest,

How yours beats for mine


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