It’s crazy when you find someone you can’t get enough of. So different when there’s this one person you hate being away from and everything you want to do, you want them there – even when you’re used to being alone.

Skin against skin even in the innocent form of hand-holding or even just light brushing of the arms can mean so much. Contact, any kind, makes you feel warm all over and again – you just cannot get enough.

Lips against lips and it’s so sweet that’s all you want to do. You want to breathe them in and taste them forever. Even when tongues come to dance there is absolutely no one else you’d rather let yourself be with.

And when you have to leave and part ways, even if it’s hardly been any time with them, it tears at you. You feel empty without them and you feel alone just because they’re not there. When you can only feel them in your dreams and you know it might be forever ahead of you without them, you know you’ll get over them but even still you can’t help but wonder if you’ll ever really be okay.

What is this?


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