It’s amazing how strangers turn into friends and friends turn into strangers. Just a little bit of time thrown in between either could cause such changes. Suddenly you have a good friend. Suddenly you realize you lost one.

Things change so rapidly right before your eyes and you see nothing different until you take a step back and really pay attention. Small changes add up when there’s so many and suddenly nothing’s the same as it was. Suddenly you find your whole life has changed.

It’s like walking throw a door and finding how you fit in there, then looking back and seeing the door has been shut. All you can do is move forward and try not to miss what was. How quickly things change and how quickly we adapt. But how much we can miss and think back on the past.

The past is thought of as years ago, maybe more. It’s never thought of a few weeks ago, or even a few days. But things change in such little time that even a few weeks ago, a few months or days, you were different than now.

I have a new face, and new mind, and new train of thought. I have the same feelings and hopes and dreams, but new ones mixed in. I am not as I was just a few days, weeks, or months ago.

It’s time for discovery.


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