Bittersweet Goodbye

How did we get here? When did it get like this? I ask myself these questions and wonder if I could have prevented it. If I could’ve done anything to prevent this, I would have done it. Nothing was worth seeing such pain written all over your face.

These worries we held in our chests, these doubts and insecurities… We should have let them go. We should have talked about it and dealt with them.

But we were never so good at communicating.

There’s a shadow of you in my mind, but as I look at you now with all these thoughts running through my head, I know you’ve changed. I used to know you, but not anymore. And I know you don’t know me, either.

So good we were once for each other. Yet now all we do is bring ourselves down with no leverage to pull ourselves back up.

A weight hangs on us when we’re together, pulling us down, drowning us in our miserable affections. I used to think we could get through anything; I know better now.

While I’m letting you go and brining myself to walk away from this, and while it hurts like hell and I’d rather run back and scream my apologizes, I’m not turning back.

I’m doing this for you, and I’m doing this for me.

Neither of us deserve such hell as being together.


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