Dear Me,

I hope you find the beauty in yourself that everyone else sees. I hope you can some day look in the mirror and smile at the person you are, both inside and out.

When you love, I hope you love with all your heart and with the innocence I hope you haven’t lost. Love with no strings attached, with no boundaries, and with no doubts holding you back.

May everything you write be meaningful and open-minded and thought creating. I hope you write with your soul and never lose your grasp and the beauty you find in words.

When you counter another moment of inner weakness, I hope you look past it. Look in the mirror, up close, and stare into your eyes; notice the light in them. Look at how those blue eyes staring back you have seen more than one might think. Remember that those eyes staring back at you are sad because you let them be that way. And change it.

I hope you become as strong as I think you can.

Don’t be afraid to make messes, to take chances, and to make mistakes. Do not fear what could give you the greatest experience of your life.

And most importantly, I hope you learn to love yourself for all you are worth. I hope you can love yourself as much as you want someone to love you.

Find your inner peace and learn to keep it. Stretch it until in break and find your way back again.


Love, yourself.

P.S. Love yourself.



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