My life lately.

So I cut and dyed my hair just a few days ago.

My hair used to be near my shoulders and people mistook the light brown color for blond.

I now have an A-Cut that goes from the back of my neck to my chin.

And it’s dark brown, almost black with red color underneath.

I don’t think I’ve ever gotten so many compliments.


And my piercing fell out. I was playing with it and it just…

Came out. 😦

Oh well, though. I guess I just wasn’t suppose to have it.


There’s also a little drama going on with my friends and what-not, but I won’t get into that.

Just some petty things that people need to get over. Rather glad I’m not that in it, I’m just here to make people feel better.

And that’s quite fine with me.



Is there anything new with you?



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