Just stuff.

Haven’t been on lately, sorry.

There is just about nothing new with me. Quite lame, really.

I am going to gte three of my wisdom teeth removed and hopefully braces soon after that. I’m still looking for a job and I wish I could find one easier…

Blah. Holloween is quite soon and I’m still not sure of my plans… I don’t like not having secure plans, ’cause then I usually don’t do anything… What are your plans if you have any??

I want to answer questions. Ask me some?

They could be about me, life, general, opinions… Anything. Just ask me something? 🙂


What’;s a question you’d love to hear the answer to?

<<Even if I can’t answer it or you don’t want the answer from me. >>


2 responses to “Just stuff.

  • ReeserTheShadow

    Ugh…I need my wisdom teeth taken out…really should’ve had it done when I was 16 and my parents could afford it, but I got all weepy and panicky and ended up not doing it… x_xAs for some questions for you…I have two that are kind of lame, but they were the first ones that popped into my head:1. What is/are some of your favourite band(s)?2. What makes you happiest?

  • Stephnalamx

    My favorite band is Papa Roach.What makes me the happiest… I’m not quite sure about this one… I suppose what makes me the happiest is when I’m with friends… When I’m with friend who I can really be myself around. 🙂

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