I like to write.

Especially when I’m feeling a very strong emotion. Unfortunately, it’s not usually a good emotion. Take today, for example.

Now, I’m not a very depressed person, which I’d hope you all know. I’m not exactly all peppy, either, but I’m just not always depressed. I don’t know…

Anyway, I write when I get that way. And I was writing today, when I looked at the decent paragraph and realized, I can write some pretty deppressing things. It’s been a while since I’ve written something like it, though. For some reason parents are usually the bad guys in my stories. Maybe that just means I need a break from them, or something.

My parents are… Well, they’re parents. Sometimes I feel ignored, but I know I’m not. They love me so I really have nothign to complain about. I just get those feelings sometime.

What do you do when you’re depressed? Or any other strong emotion?


3 responses to “I like to write.

  • sarahflorida1085

    My most powerful writing comes out also unfortunately when I am going through rough times and feeling down. I like to write poetry, although sometimes I just write whatever is on my mind to vent and usually I feel better after writing.

  • Stephnalamx

    @sarahflorida1085 – Ahh, yes. The wonders of writing. 🙂 Sometime’s I also write poetry, but smallish stories are more my style. I find them easier to get my feelings out the way.

  • ReeserTheShadow

    It’s okay to not be happy all the time. Don’t sweat it if you need to write out your bad feelings now and then….as for me, I think I write my best stories or poetry when I’m super tired and feeling pressured to have something for this or that deadline. I’m not sure about my blog posts though. I think I tend to write more interestingly when I’m kind of angry or down, but it’s hard to gauge whether the posts are actually good or if they were cathartic for me and that’s why I felt like they were good.

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